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Mar 25, 2021

Welcome to the dental-ish podcast! The hosts Martelle Coke, Chris Williams and Anaika Forbes discuss Toxic AF work environments. 


Episode Highlights: 

Catching up with the co-hosts; ’-ish of the week: dental-ish trademark debacle; dental-ish of the week: Respeck on your name.


“Y’all rocking with us, we rocking with y’all”

“I go Jesus, you go Jeezy”

“Silence is compliance”

“The unbotheredness is takes to be unbothered by something”

“It’s a unit; you can’t take one piece out and expect to know what time it is”

“Are you really your true self?”

“Respect given is respect earned”

“Every leader is a servant”

“Pay people what they are worth”

“Personalize it and mean it”


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