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Dec 3, 2020

Welcome to the dental-ish podcast! This week our hosts, Martelle Coke and Anaika Forbes talk about “The Audacity of Self-Care” with Zmear Kalle’.

Episode Highlights: 

Catching up with what’s been going on with the co-hosts, self care, and feeling so much joy with Zmear Kalle; ’-ish of the week: The election called for Biden-Harris; dental-ish of the week: Self care


“Let that leaf float down the creek”

“Who told you to stop writing your book?”

“We sabotage our own greatness”

“Self-care does not have one look to it”

“Self-care is endless, it should never stop”

“Charity starts at home, in the heart”

“People need to be respectful of you needing your time”

“The problem with doing that, is you teach everyone you come last”

“We want things that add and multiply”

“{Be} Patient with yourself”

“You shouldn’t have to think about happiness”

“Write your own vision and make it plain”


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