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Nov 5, 2020

Welcome to the dental-ish podcast! This week our hosts Martelle Coke, Chris Williams and Anaika Forbes talk about “Put Some Respeck On My Name”.


Episode Highlights: 

Catching up with what’s been going on with the three co-hosts, why are Martelle and Chris in the same room, and the Brown Girl, RDH meetup in NYC, -ish of the week: the Brown Girl, RDH meet-up; dental-ish of the week: furthering your education/career.


“Become a part of the leadership”

“If you have experience in the field, you have more negotiating power”

“I’m attracted to all the red flags”

“Respect given is respect earned”

“You never know who you will run into”

“Open communication goes a long way”

“You have to choose to further your career for yourself, not for anybody else”

“You can still advance yourself even at the level you are on”

“Do whatever works for you”

“It’s your journey”



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